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For Time:
20 Pull Ups
30 Box Jumps 24/20″
40 Ball Slams 40/30#
50 Squats
20 Knees 2 Elbows
30 Walking Lunge Steps
40 Russian KBS 70/53#
50 Burpees

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Get ready ladies, tonight’s the night! Come join our ladies only CrossFit class that will get you toned and sexy for those summer outfits and swimsuits! Change starts NOW, when you commit to joining us for this awesome 6-week class that will end just in time for warmer temperatures and SUNSHINE (what we all are wanting about now)! Class starts tonight at 6:30. BE THERE!!!

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Fairmont, WV – CrossFit fanatics are invited to attend the largest, one day on-site competition in West Virginia, the 5th Annual Winter Chiller at Fairmont State University on Saturday, January 31st at 9 am. With approximately 200 athletes competing from 5 states and representing 35 CrossFit boxes, the event promotes physical fitness through intense competition. Fairmont State University has been the venue for this competition since its beginning in 2011, and the Winter Chiller is a well-respected annual competition that promotes comradery and good sportsmanship between the athletes who will converge from various backgrounds such as Division I athletes, housewives, and Master’s competitors, with the athletes ranging in age from teens to 50 years old.

CrossFit is an extremely popular sport in many West Virginia cities and CrossFit Intense, one of the oldest CrossFit affiliates in North Central West Virginia, is thrilled to have the opportunity to annually present a competition with some of the best athletes in our region in a state of the art venue at the FSU Falcon Center for their Winter Chiller competition.

Questions about the 5th Annual Winter Chiller or CrossFit can be directed to CrossFit Intense through this Facebook page, our website at, or by telephone at 304-380-4792.

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Back Squat (see strength cycle below)
*Perform all reps with a controlled drop and an explosive assent

10 Minute AMRAP
3 Bar Muscle Ups (MOD: 9 C2B Pull Ups or Ring Rows, no jumping)
6 HR Push Ups
9 Weighted Sit Ups 20/14#
*Must hold med ball on head through entire movement

Strength Program
10 Rep Wave

5 sets x 10 reps x 60%
*We will be using 100% of your 1RM as the training weight

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CrossFit is for anybody, regardless of age. However, our average client’s age is middle-aged so this article is for you!

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One last hoorah before 2014 goes bye bye and we face the task of shedding our unwanted holiday pounds. Intense is offering a 6-week ladies only class to help shape and tone your body to get that gorgeous booty back! Operation Buttlift kicks off Monday, January 5th, and 10 lucky ladies will have the opportunity to join us. Classes will be every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30-8:00 pm. Message us or go to our website and use the PayPal link to secure your spot today!

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Monday Back Squat (see training cycle below) For Time: 100 Thrusters 135/85# Strength Percentages for the week: After a progressive warm up complete 5 x 75% 3 x 85% Rep Test x 95% *using 95% of your 1RM as the training max

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Friday Deadlift + Chains 1RM CrossFit Open WOD 12.1 7 Minute AMRAP: Burpees *Burpees to 6″ target above reach

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Great news, Fairmont and surrounding areas! If you would like to adopt a healthy eating/Paleo lifestyle, CrossFit Intense is a drop-off location every Monday and Thursday at noon for Paleo meals from Simply Caveman. How does it work? They will post their menu online and you simply order and pay online before the deadline to ensure delivery at the appointed time! No more fretting over what to eat for a healthy lunch. Check out their website below and try them out! Meals plans are priced very reasonably and with variety for you to enjoy a healthy, Paleo eating lifestyle. In conjunction with CrossFit, you will be well on your way to slaying those holiday calories that are piling up!

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"This workout is killing me. I’m not elite. I’m not even average. I am the everyday athlete struggling to get fit. I try my hardest and need to scale many workouts. I work out with everyone from the firebreather to the rookie and the vast majority of us that lie somewhere in between. I find inspiration in everyone."

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Meet Your Coach Contact!

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by Alison L. McConnell CrossFitter. Mom-to-be. A glance around any established CrossFit box...
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Check your ego at the door. I've heard it a million times. Said it a million more. "Check your...
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week39 day1

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week39 day1

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[pullquote align="right"]How many times are we posting super fast scores, with super questionable...
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Monday's WOD: TIER 1 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 10 DB Walking Lunges 400m Run 20 DB Walking Lunges 200m Run 30 DB Walking Lunges TIER 2 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 12 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# 400m Run 24 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# 200m Run 36 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# TIER 3 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 12 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# 400m Run 24 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# 200m Run 36 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# For Part B, the lunges are done with one DB or KB in each hand.

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WOD – 2/23/14

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WOD- Monday Feb 23 3 days until the start of the CrossFit Open! Have you signed up yet? Visit our web page to learn more about the Open and the schedule. You can get register at the CrossFit Games website SKILL: MU drills swing hip to rings …

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Please help spread the word. This is Mike Rhee's sister. Please help us get donors.

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Shout out to CFDE's athlete Chris Monez @clearallaround for working the Daytona 500. His driver, Cole Whitt, is currently in 12th place. CFDE Coaches Staff and Athletes are proud of you and your crew - we're cheering you on from the box Chris!

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No open gym today!

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Coach Matt hit 10 lb PRs on both lifts and took 2nd. Coach Tyler PRed his clean. Both our guys represented our gym well with beautiful technique. Also, we had the biggest cheering section. Our gym was represented honorably.

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No open gym tomorrow due to maintenance!

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Coaches Tyler and Matt do a tremendous job supporting this gym, we're very excited to see them step on the platform today at 3 PM at Sac High. Please come out and support! Spectator fee is 5 dollars.

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Saturday Team Workout Returns

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Competitors Program Week 2, Day 6 (Strength Cycle): Work to a heavy single in bench press -then- 5x3 bench press @ 85% 1RM -then- 5x3 Segment clean pulls @ 75-80% of clean 1RM (pauses at just off floor, then just above knee, then extend at the top) -then- AMRAP in 15 minutes: 5 Power Cleans 135/95# 10 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 10 Power Cleans 135/95# 20 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 15 Power Cleans 135/95# 30 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 4 Power Cleans 155/105# 10 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 8 Power Cleans 155/105# 20 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 12 Power Cleans 155/105# 30 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 3 Power Cleans 185/120# 10 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 6 Power Cleans 185/120# 20 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ 9 Power Cleans 185/120# 30 Burpee Box-Jumps 24/20″ *If all reps are finished under 15:00, continue with AMRAP of 9 PC @ 185/120# and 30 BBJ @ 24/20″ for the remainder of 15:00.

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Outlaw Open Program Week 7, Day 6: 1) Alternating EMOM for 14:00- -1 Three Position Clean (floor, hang, power position)* *Begin at 60% of 1RM Clean and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete the complex. When a miss occurs on the complex subtract 5-10# and complete the remainder of the EMOM. -10 Ring Dips 2a) 5X3 Jerk from Blocks/Racks – work to a max triple for the day, rest 90 sec. 2b) 5X3 Halting Clean Deadlift (3 count pause at the knee) – work to a max triple for the day, rest 90 sec. 3) 2012 Regionals Event 4 For time: 50 Back squats 135/95# 40 Pull-ups 30 Shoulder-to-overhead 135/95# 50 Front squats 85/65# 40 Pull-ups 30 Shoulder-to-overhead 85/65# 50 Overhead squats 65/45# 40 Pull-ups 30 Shoulder-to-overhead 65/45#

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CrossFit Endurance and Mobility Class with Coach Karen, Saturday mornings at 9 at the Folsom gym!

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It's always a treat to visit other gyms and throw down with friends. And Ben Alderman hosts some killer Monday throw downs at CrossFit Iron Mile!

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Workout of the Day for Saturday February 21st, 2015

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Join us!

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Team AMRAP with power cleans today. @crossfitredding @roguefitness #CrossFitRedding #crossfit #powercleans #wod #amrap #roguefitness

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Attention HAZING ATHLETES! Here is the link to sign the waiver : if you have not completed it! We still have about 40 athletes who have not signed it. It will speed up the Check In process if you can get this done beforehand. Thanks! See you all tomorrow!

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Sign up or at least commit to 5 weeks of training every friday.

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The WOD - Eva = HFS

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"Millions of wall balls and then we ran! How can I get excited for Fran? Split jumps and pistols...
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We like quinoa now and then. This is an interesting way to eat it. [yumprint-recipe...
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Eric is going home!!! Can't wait to see you back at CFA, Eric!

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Eat without "limits"! This article has a great, quick overview on the impact of various foods so you can be at peace with them.

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We've been keepin' Lodi fit and healthy since 2011. Come lift with us!

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Anyone want to help manicure the Pacific Coast Trail? See link below.

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"Changing your frame of reference has value both in training and in life. We all need to experience challenges in life in order to learn how to overcome them, so that we are better prepared to handle future obstacles that may arise."

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Steve from Crossfit Verve in Denver, CO came and conquered today's WOD! Thanks for joining the 9:30 crew, Steve!

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Come try a free Crossfit Kids class! Fridays at 3 and 330! 3 pm for 3-7 years, and 330 pm for 7-12 years! Its a fun, supportive, and healthy environment where our kids can learn teamwork, perseverance, and Crossfit! The skills they learn in this class carry over to all aspect of life and athletics! See you this afternoon! #crossfit #crossfitkids #thisisredding #jeffersonstatecrossfit #patriotsrebelsathletes

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We are hosting a Free 1st responder competition! April 18th get your teams together.

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Friday Night Lights draft is on Monday!!! Make sure you are signed up on Zen Planner if you want to be a part of it!! (That means everyone!) -Ash

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Hey everyone! AC and Joe are needing a judge for Rookie Rumble on Sunday March 8th from 12-5. Food and a T shirt along with cheering AC and Joe on is included. Anyone?

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This Sunday the 22nd we will be having a one time Open gym at 9am but no childcare, all current members are welcomed to come!

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Happy Friday! So the Open starts next Friday, are you signed up? If not you still have time to do so just go to it's that easy! We will also be having an in house team competition with Rx & Scaled so anyone can join in on the fun! The workouts come out every Thursday so we will be doing that workout every Friday for the next 5 weeks starting next Friday. We will be having a 6:30pm class that way you will have no excuse and if you can't make it on Fridays then you can come to the Saturday Open Gym :) If you have any questions just ask one of us coaches in class!

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Sign up for the Open! Workouts start next week. There is a scaled division this year so everyone can join! Plus, when you sign up, Christian and Kalie have to row. And they love rowing.